Welcome to Thermotube 2000

Thermotube 2000 was developed and is manufactured by Boomerang Pools as a dedicated and more efficient pool heating system. Here is why Thermotube 2000 is more efficient and durable:

Better Quality

No more leaks. The manifold (or header) is connected to the pumping equipment of the pool. The solar tubes all join to these manifolds. These joints are fused and joined by a special machine and chemical glue at our factory. On virtually all other systems these joints are done-on site by traditional methods and are prone to leaking. Constant expansion and contraction of theses joints due to weather will eventually weaken the joins and leaking or breakage can result.

Superior Performance

The solar tubes which join to the manifold are spaced. Cross tubes ensure all the solar tubes are secured in an orderly, spaced fashion. The header, solar tubes and cross tubing are referred to as a mat. The mat is affixed to the roof and sits on spacers. The spacers hold the mat above the roof surface thereby not restricting the flow of rainwater.

Thermotube 2000 is brilliantly engineered to heat water much more efficiently than conventional systems. The spacing of the solar tubes allows three forms of heating to act simultaneously, utilising all the solar tube surface:

The joints in the mats are pressure tested at our factory, well beyond normal operating pressures to ensure no leakage on your roof.

Can be secured to the roof using existing fasteners with very few fixing points for quicker and cheaper installation. No new holes are drilled onto the roof.

A series of mats are joined only at the manifold to the required width. The manifold is class 12 PVC. Manifolds can be colour matched to your house.

Are easy to move for roof repairs.
Each square metre contains 1142 welded joints and will heat a generous 1.57 litres of water, generating 4 KW of heat.

Enjoy relaxing in your own pool without hassles

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