Pool Finishes: Internal

Deciding to build a pool is easy. Designing the pool will require planning. At Boomerang Pools we’ve done it many times before, and will help you with every planning aspect of your pool.

At this important stage you will need to consider:

Where on your property you want the pool and how large and what shape will it be?

Are there sewage pipes and other underground services?

Do you want a spa, waterfall, rock walls or any other features?

Are there large trees which may require removal? You may want a tree to provide shade over the pool. Will the shade be over the pool in the morning or afternoon? Are you prepared to put up with some leaves falling into the pool?

Will there be access for machinery? If not, is there access from a neighbouring property? Will your neighbours be inconvenienced?

How will the pool integrate with your home, back yard and other structures?

Do you intend to have the pool as the focal point of you home or back yard?

What about swimming pool safety? Will children be the main users of the pool? Do you want to be able to see the pool from inside the house? Are there family members who may need assistance getting in and out of the pool?

What will the pool be used for? Exercise, laps, diving, water sports etc.
Will you require pool heating? If the pool is for luxurious relaxation consider building in a table and adding shade.

Enjoy relaxing in your own pool without hassles

We have been designing and constructing inground pools and spas for over 30 years now